Our Services

We help leaders prepare for crisis and security challenges through advice, training and presentations. We aim to not just let you survive, but thrive. Bad advice, poor training and second-rate presentations can have a devastating effect on your organization’s efforts to prepare for unexpected challenges. Ask any management team that failed to properly prepare.

Glenn Schoen founded Boardroom @ Crisis BV (B@C) in 2015 to help senior management of organizations respond more effectively and efficiently to crises and security risks that threaten their vital interests. We focus on creating energizing, positive client experiences that enable you to actually get ahead, purposefully and where possible, fast. Using clear, proven plans and procedures backed by international standards, benchmarking, best practices and a lot of experience, our assistance aims at maximum effect in minimum time. All to enable you to perform at your best when challenges arise. We serve clients in locations as varied as Amsterdam, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Geneva, Chicago, Frankfurt, Munich, Brussels, Rome, Athens, Copenhagen, Dublin and Tokyo.

Security threats, whether they threaten your people, operations, data or reputation, often present unique challenges for management when compared to other crisis drivers like system failure, human error and natural disasters. The reason is that security threats are intentional rather than incidental, specifically designed to circumvent your control measures, and often sustained.

Digital dependency, organizational change, compliance pressure, IP ownership issues, outsourcing, social media and a 24/7/365 news cycle are key factors to exacerbate organizational risks. Add to this the complex interplay between human, physical and digital controls and the need for clarity to attain ‘in control’ status rapidly grows in value.

The basic need of organizations is hence to have an informed, aware and skill-enabled leadership team that facilitates – and in crises directly supports – strong performance by organizational security and crisis managers. B@C seeks to enable this performance by delivering high-quality, experience-based advice, presentations and training.

Glenn Schoen relies on over 30 years international experience serving more than 250 analysis support and 300 consulting clients to deliver B@C services. This includes helping multinationals find risk reduction shortcuts in well over 200 actual crisis situations with issues ranging from terrorism, extortion and IP theft to cyber activism, fraud, kidnapping, evacuations, privacy infringement and threats to people and vital operating processes.

Working with experienced associates in the security, communication, cyber, policing, military, due diligence and investigative fields, our aim is to provide impactful assistance that lifts your organization’s performance and strengthens your resilience.

B@C provides three main services:

  1. Advice
  2. Training
  3. Presentations


B@C has extensive experience with and benchmark insight into a broad range of security and crisis issues, processes and control measures, including in unique industries and work environments. We are strongest in threat and risk assessments, reviews/audits, benchmarking, and strategizing and structuring security and crises management processes.


As part of our services, B@C offers crisis support to clients facing urgent challenges. This usually entails advice and expert network engagement to find rapid solution pathways to mitigate board level risks. Prior international experience includes acting as part of or in support of corporate and international organization’s crisis teams on a wide range of issues in several dozen countries. Network experience and expertise extends far further.


B@C delivers team skill-building through engaging presentations, workshops and crisis management exercises. Crafting unique half-day to day-long training programs of the highest quality, we focus on providing energizing experiences that offer immediate practical pay-offs for enterprise risk management. We specialize in Table Top Excercises (TTX), which we offer you in Walk-Through Exercise (WTX), standard Crisis Management Exercise (CMX) and Joint Readiness Exercise (JRX) formats.

Scenarios and workshop programs are custom made in close collaboration with the client and  anchored in peer organization issues and daily news events. Additional scenario input is drawn from benchmark data and sector sources as varied as topic experts and publications such as Tech Crunch, TEDx, Wired, Harvard Business Review, CTC Sentinel, Fast Company, International Fraud Film Festival, Success, McKinsey Quarterly, BNR, Foreign Affairs, NRC Weekend, The Economist and Security Magazine.

TTX / CMX Purpose

  • Generate new insight into organizational risks
  • Provide a window on unfamiliar risk drivers
  • Meet governance/compliance objectives
  • Serve as testbed for existing crisis plans
  • Conduct formative team experience

TTX / CMX Program

  • Typically, a half-day program built around a tabletop exercise
  • A client-tailored multi-stage, multi-dimensional scenario
  • Preceded by introduction and or expert presentations
  • Concluded with short lessons-learned debriefing
  • Follow-up via compact evaluation briefer

TTX / CMX Benefits

  • Improves crisis team and organizational process performance
  • Improves crisis team members’ personal performance
  • Generates new risk vulnerability/response insights
  • Meets/exceeds training objectives
  • Attains compliance goals

Services are offered in English and Dutch.


B@C provides engaging, customized presentations to generate awareness, create useful insights and outline the strategic dimensions of security and crisis risk drivers. This requires a strong grasp of the issues at hand, original thinking, experience, fresh data and skilled delivery. Glenn Schoen and his associates regularly give keynote presentations highly rated for their freshness, content, engagement level and overall value.

Select past presentation audiences addressed by
Glenn Schoen include:

2019 AIPC Operations Summit (Barcelona, Spain)
2019 SVOB Public Spaces Security Congress (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
2019 AIPC Global Annual Conference (Antwerp, Belgium)
2019 Everbridge C-Suite Crisis Management Webinar (Europe, Middle East & Africa)
2019 ASIS International European Conference (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
2019 Everbridge Elevate CSO Roundtable (Woerden, The Netherlands)
2019 ASIS International Asia Conference (Tokyo, Japan)
2019 Defense Department Awareness Program (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2019 AGRI Crisis Management Seminar (Avegoor, The Netherlands)
2018 AIPC Global Operations Summit (Barcelona, Spain)
2018 Red Cross Preparedness Seminar (Vught, The Netherlands)
2018 ASIS International European Conference (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
2018 Government Crisis Management Seminar (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2018 Van der Valk Hotels Managers Symposium (Amersfoort, The Netherlands)
2018 ICF Meeting on Crisis Management (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2017 ASIS International CT Seminar (Athens, Greece)
2017 UNICEF Crisis Management Seminar (Copenhagen, Denmark)
2017 Royal Military Police Aviation Security Seminar (Schiphol, The Netherlands)
2017 FEFANA European Crisis Management Conference (Brussels, Belgium)
2017 Ministry of Defense DMO Security Awareness Day (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
2017 DHL Express EU Security Conference (Leipzig, Germany)
2017 United Nations DP Security Office (Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt)
2017 CATS Asymmetric Threats Symposium (’t Harde, The Netherlands)
2017 Financieel Dagblad Young Circle Dinner (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
2016 Global Counter Terrorism Forum (Antalya, Turkey)
2016 Royal Military Academy (Breda, The Netherlands)
2016 ASIS International European Conference (London, UK)
2016 Royal Military Police CT Event (Apeldoorn, The Netherlands)
2016 ASIS International Global Security Webinar (Online WebEx)
2016 Crowd Care Event Risk Analysis Seminar (Amersfoort, The Netherlands)
2015 National Integrated Security Think Tank (NDIB) (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2015 IFSEC – NL Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) (London, UK)
2015 University of Utrecht Symposium Ad Informandum (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
2015 Data Privacy & Security Summit (Milwaukee, USA)
2015 ASIS International Nordic Conference (Helsinki, Finland)
2015 London First & US State Department OSAC (London, UK)
2015 European Commission CI Expert Group (TNCEIP) (Groningen, The Netherlands)
2015 National Conference on Security in Education (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2015 ASIS International European Conference (Frankfurt, Germany)
2014 European Energy Infrastructure Security Network (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2014 ASIS International Middle East Conference (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
2014 TMC Asser Institute for International Law – UN IAEA (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2014 ASIS International Europe Conference (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2014 Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2014 US State Department OSAC (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
2013 ASIS International Europe Conference & CEO Roundtable (Goteborg, Sweden)
2013 International Business Security Forum (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
2012 Gastech Oil & Gas International Security Forum (Vienna, Austria)
2012 Business Continuity Academy (Zeist, The Netherlands)
2012 ASIS International Europe Conference (London, UK)
2012 NFI – PinPoint CBRN Security Conference (The Hague, the Netherlands)
2012 European Corporate Security Conference (Limerick, Ireland)
2011 US/Europe-Russia ASIS Conference (Moscow, Russia)
2011 National EY Cyber Security Seminar (Brussels, Belgium)
2011 International Banking Security Association (Helsinki, Finland)
2011 SASMA Polish Business Security Conference (Warsaw, Poland)
2011 Safety and Security Amsterdam (SSA) (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
2011 Czech International Security Conference (Prague, Czech Republic)
2011 EY-TNO-G4S Security & Crisis Forum (Wassenaar, The Netherlands)
2010 UN Interregional Crime Justice Research Center (UNICRI) (Lisbon, Portugal)
2010 European Patent Office (EPO) (The Hague, the Netherlands)
2010 EY Borderless Global Information Security Seminar (Brussels, Belgium)
2010 European Parliament Expert Group (Brussels, Belgium)
2010 ASIS International Europe Conference (Vienna, Austria)
2010 European Business Congress (EBC) (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
2009 Counter-Terrorism Agency CEO Roundtable (NCTV) (Zeist, The Netherlands)
2009 Global Initiative to Counter Nuclear Terrorism (GICNT) (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2009 Critical Infrastructure Protection Office (NAVI) (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2009 UN Interregional Crime Justice Research Center (UNICRI) (Tromso, Norway)
2009 Rathenau Institute – NCTV – Security Seminar (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2009 US State Department OSAC (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2008 Ex-Police In Industry and Commerce (EPIC) (North Yorkshire, UK)
2008 US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) (Washington, DC USA)
2008 EU Energy Infrastructure Security Network (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
2007 United Nations Development Program (UNDP) (New York, USA)
2007 ASIS International Europe Conference (Barcelona, Spain)
2007 National Crisis Control Center (NCC) (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2007 ASIS International Global Conference (Las Vegas, USA)
2007 International Ernst & Young Shipping Forum (Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2007 International Security and National Resilience Conference (ISNR) (London, UK)
2007 Study Center for Commerce & Government (Nieuwegein, The Netherlands)
2006 Netherlands Royal Military Academy (KMA) (Breda, The Netherlands)
2006 Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) (Washington, DC USA)
2006 European Corporate Security Association (ECSA) (Knokke, Belgium)
2006 Rotterdam Port Promotion Council (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
2006 National Security Conference on Terrorism (Soestduinen, the Netherlands)
2006 ASIS International Global Conference (San Diego, USA)
2006 Young Presidents Organization (YPO) (The Hague, the Netherlands)
2005 ASIS Europe Conference (Copenhagen, Denmark)
2005 EU Diplomatic Security Conference (Brussels, Belgium)
2005 Clingendael Institute for International Relations (The Hague, The Netherlands
2005 International Assoc of Financial Crimes Investigators (Glasgow, Scotland)
2005 UN International Court for the Former Yugoslavia (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2005 International Banking Security Association (IBSA) (Glasgow, Scotland)
2005 NL Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2005 International Criminal Court (ICC) (Rijswijk, The Netherlands)
2005 Ex-Police In Industry and Commerce (EPIC) (Cambridge, UK)
2004 Europol (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2004 European Business Security Association (EBSA) (Munich, Germany)
2004 Eurojust (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2004 Netherlands Ministry of Defense (The Hague, the Netherlands)
2004 ASIS International (Brasschaet, Belgium)
2004 US Energy Security Council (ESC) (Dallas, USA)
2004 EY Government Congress (Scheveningen, The Netherlands)
2004 French Ministry of Defense (Paris, France)
2004 ASIS International (Madrid, Spain)
2004 Netherlands Association of Security Managers (VBN) (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2004 InterSec Conference and Exhibition (London, UK)
2004 US State Department INR – OSAC Terrorism Trends Meeting (Washington, DC, USA)
2004 United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) (Geneva, Switzerland)
2004 National Pharma Security Meeting (Atlantic City, USA)
2004 National Security Solutions and Exhibits Seminar (Chicago, USA)
2003 Delphi International Security Conference (Detroit, USA)
2003 International Police-Military SWAT/Special Forces Symposium (Gaithersburg, USA)
2002 US Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Security Network (Philadelphia, USA)
2002 US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (St. Louis, USA)
2002 US Council for Emerging National Security Affairs (CENSA) (Washington, DC, USA)
2001 International Police-Military SWAT/Special Forces Symposium (Baltimore, USA)

B@C believes in giving back and making things better. Via the WCOSP we are an active donor to the Security Benevolent Fund.