We help managers prepare for crisis and security challenges. We aim to not just let you survive, but thrive. Bad advice, poor training and second-rate presentations can have a devastating effect on your organization’s efforts to prepare for unexpected challenges. Ask any management team that failed to properly prepare.

We focus on creating energezing, positive client experiences that enable you to actually get ahead, …

About Us

Boardroom @ Crisis BV (B@C) is a niche network-centric company providing tailored crises and security and crisis management improvement services. Founder Glenn Schoen leads B@C from The Hague, The Netherlands and draws on his own experience and that of select experts with whom he collaborates to meet client requirements.

Our aim is to help clients with their security challenges by improving their insights…



Boardroom @ Crisis BV (B@C) is a Netherlands-based and registered company founded in 2015.

We are located in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Boardroom@Crisis BV – Chamber of Commerce (KvK) registry No. 62985310