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Boardroom @ Crisis BV (B@C), founded in 2015, is a niche network-centric company providing tailored security and crisis management improvement services. Founder Glenn Schoen leads B@C from The Hague, The Netherlands and draws on his own extensive experience and that of select experts with whom he collaborates to meet client requirements.

Our aim is to help clients with their crisis and security challenges by improving their insights, skills, processes and position in the least amount of time using the highest quality advice, training, presentations and network connectivity we can muster. We seek to apply the 80/20 Pareto Principle not just in terms of performance but also engagement level: the higher the management tier, the more impactful we can be in helping your organization.

Our background is diverse but has several common threads: we are quality-oriented, client-focused, open-minded, experienced and performance-driven. We also know how to function effectively in a multi-national environment. And, of course, we enjoy working together. To date, this has resulted in a very high client satisfaction rate.


Founder and Principal: Glenn Schoen

Glenn C. Schoen (1963) is an international security and crisis management advisor. An American born and raised in the Netherlands, he has had a distinguished 35-year career to date that started during his studies (BA, MA, Post-Graduate) with law enforcement and progressed to security analysis, consulting and international security management. Key specialties are international terrorism, threat assessment, C-suite issue awareness and assisting crisis and security managers in engaging their organization’s boardroom.

His prior positions include Business Unit Director for G4S Risk Advisory, Senior Manager at Ernst & Young, Manager at TranSecur and Director of Analysis for International Security Management Inc. Over the years he has worked in more than 40 countries and served over 250 clients with analysis support and another 300 with consulting engagements. This includes several governments and a substantial number of global and European institutions, including the United Nations, UNICEF, OPCW, IMF and the World Bank.

His secondary activities include past service as a volunteer at the White House, a lecturer on terrorism policy and analysis at Georgetown University’s Continuing Studies program (1996-2007), and membership in various national and international security advisory panels. This includes the US State Department’s OSAC and the United Nations’ ICRI. He currently serves on the ASIS European Board (2023-2025 term).

Mr. Schoen regularly shares his insights with the media, having given well over 1,000 TV, radio and newspaper interviews to media outlets ranging from CNN and the London Times to Die Welt, TV1 France, BNR, USA Today, the NOS and the Washington Post. He has appeared as a crisis and security issue expert on CNN for 30 years.

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All multi-person engagements are performed on an information-sharing basis to ensure continuity of service delivery.

Client information used in the course of an engagement is treated with the utmost confidentiality and, in the case of proprietary data, destroyed through paper and digital file shredding at the close of the project.

We value professionalism and as part of that, discretion. While this means we cannot openly name most clients aside from those mentioned on this website, references can be arranged upon request.

Past and current clients include:

  • Multinational companies
  • International institutions
  • Select governments
  • Trade associations
  • Family offices

We serve a broad range of industrial sectors and also assist organizers, sponsors and attendees of major national and international events.

Sample Successes

Past sample engagement successes include:

  • Assisted several multinationals with Ukraine crisis risk mapping
  • Assisted three global industry associations develop COVID-19 crisis guidance
  • Supporting government ministry with COVID-19 traveler screening program
  • Assisting global Fortune 500 company with COVID-19 security operations
  • Designing an international security strategy for a global Fortune 100 company
  • Developing framework for resolving multi-nation crisis of a NYSE Top 50 firm
  • Aligning Middle East cityscape project with international security standards
  • Developing an international organization’s industry security facilitator options
  • Delivering 8 nation government anti-terrorism security measure benchmark
  • Preparing C-suite crisis team for a multidimensional cyber threat scenario
  • Planning security controls for a new luxury $2B mixed use office complex
  • Reviewing security operations of one of the world’s largest data centers
  • Facilitating expat workforce emergency evacuation from conflict zone
  • Improving crisis management infrastructure of a European institution
  • Reviewing preparations for a global 50 nation+ leadership summit
  • Developing family security office infrastructure for $1B holding
  • Assisting crisis team preparations for global cyber conference

B@C believes in giving back and making things better. Via the WCOSP we are an active donor to the Security Benevolent Fund.