Security Management Services

Boardroom@Crisis BV (B@C) helps clients prepare for and manage security challenges through advice, seminars, online learning and presentations. While as our name implies we think from the leadership level outward, we help all kinds of organizations at every level.

B@C provides three Security Management Services:

  1. Advice
  2. Seminars
  3. Presentations

We assist clients from companies, associations and international institutions to governments improve their ability to manage security threats, whether these endanger people, assets, operations, data or other interests. We are a group of highly experienced advisors with areas of expertise ranging from common crime, organized crime and terrorism to espionage, physical and digital. We have learned and practiced our profession against tough opponents in difficult conditions, which helps us properly contextualize, judge and calibrate what is needed to meet your requirements.

We work risk-based in serving you and always consider the bigger picture: structuring, shaping, reinforcing and reviewing security processes so that things work properly, from policy all the way down to procedures. As appropriate, we use a range of industry standards, concepts and frameworks from ISO to ASIS, BSI, ANSI, NIST and NEN to help guide our thinking. And, we benchmark a lot, with reference points for different projects ranging from corporate to police, military and non-government organizations.

We regularly participate in international professional forums like ASIS International, OSAC, AIPC and Everbridge learning events to contribute to the field, help develop standards and learn from our peers. We are committed to a rigorous, ethical approach to our work.


We can advise you using formats ranging from written reports, workshops, webinars, and briefings to one-on-one counseling. Our advisory services principally concern:

  • Audits
  • Procedures
  • VIP Security
  • Security Design
  • Security Intelligence
  • Event & Travel Security
  • Threat & Risk Assessment
  • Policy, Strategy & Leadership
  • Enterprise Security Risk Management

You can find an example of such good practice guidance (now a public document made for the global convention center association AIPC in 2019 on managing terrorist and other acute threats) via this link: Good Practice Managing Critical Threats

As part of our services, B@C offers security issue crisis support to select clients facing urgent challenges. This usually entails delivering on-the-spot or near-term advice and expert network engagement to find rapid solutions to mitigate unfolding security risks.


We help clients address security issues with interactive security management seminars or workshops on a variety of topics. Crafting unique half-day to day-long programs of the highest quality, we focus on creating useful, energizing experiences that offer immediate practical pay-offs for your attendees and your organization’s risk management. This often involves a mix of knowledge-sharing, insight creation, experience-based learning using mini-crisis games, and feedback and opinion polling. Most workshops involve security department teams who wish to sharpen their understanding of particular issues such as espionage, terrorism, insider threats, COVID-19, security crisis management, or lone actors.

Services are offered in English and Dutch.

Assuring You Quality Service Delivery

To ensure high quality service delivery for our clients we apply principles from or embodied in the ISO 20700 Guidelines for Management Consulting Services, the International Association of Project Managers, and EY Quality Engagement.

To ensure effective adult learning techniques are applied in each client training, workshop, seminar and presentation we use techniques developed, taught and endorsed by the Association for Talent Development, the Association of College and University Educators, and the International Association of Facilitators.


B@C provides engaging, customized presentations to enhance awareness, generate new insight, and outline the strategic and practical dimensions of security risk drivers, including for the international Speakers Academy agency. This requires a strong grasp of the issues at hand, original thinking, experience, fresh data and skilled delivery. Glenn Schoen and his associates regularly give keynote presentations highly rated for their freshness, content, engagement level and overall value.

Select past presentation audiences addressed by Glenn Schoen include:

2024 ASIS International European Conference (Vienna, Austria)
2024 OSAC Google Crisis Management Seminar (London, United Kingdom)
2024 Crisis Management Program (Munich, Germany)
2024 Royal Military Police Security Seminar (Apeldoorn, The Netherlands)
2024 Europol Security Seminar (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2024 Crisis Management Program (Duesseldorf, Germany)
2024 ASIS Silicon Valley Chapter Meeting (San Francisco, USA)
2023 Crisis Management Seminar (Limerick, Ireland)
2023 UFI Certified Professional Program Malaysia, Webinar
2023 Defense Department Program (Utrecht, Netherlands)
2023 Crisis Simulation Instructor Seminar (Dublin, Ireland)
2023 WAFS Banking Platform (Utrecht, Netherlands)
2023 Global AIPC Academy (Brussels, Belgium)
2023 OSAC Google Security Conference (London, United Kingdom)
2023 ASIS European Security Conference (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
2023 Crisis Management Seminar (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
2023 Royal Military Police Academy ( Apeldoorn, The Netherlands)
2023 SOF Crisis Seminar (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
2022 ISC2-TAPA-ASIS Italy National Conference (Faenza, Italy)
2022 OSPA Thought Leadership Summit (Breda, The Netherlands)
2022 Ministry of Defense (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
2022 ASIS International European Conference (Prague, Czech Republic)
2022 Government Security Awareness Day (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
2022 Ukraine Crisis Management Seminar (Stockholm, Sweden)
2022 NNR National Risk Management Platform (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
2022 Bloomberg-sponsored OSAC Seminar (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
2022 Family Office Ukraine Risks Seminar (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
2022 Crisis & Security Incidents Switzerland Webinar
2022 Royal Military Police Seminar (Apeldoorn, The Netherlands)
2021 UFI Global Vaccination Center Webinar
2021 ASIS Euro Conference 2021 Terrorism Webinar
2021 AIPC Conference Center Crisis Management Webinar
2020 RISCON Security Seminar Tokyo Japan Webinar
2020 US State Department OSAC UK Return to Office Webinar
2020 Everbridge Managing Multiple Threats Webinar
2020 GSX+ Speaking to the Media on Security Webinar
2020 EMEA Bank Crisis Management Reset Webinar
2020 US State Department OSAC UK Security Risk Webinar
2020 G3 COVID-19 Global Reopening for Business Webinar
2020 AIPC Good Guidance Latin America Webinar
2020 Perpetuity Research Security Thought Leadership Global Webinar
2020 IMEX EduMonday Crisis Management Global Webinar
2020 UFI-AIPC Good Practice Guidance COVID-19 Global Webinar
2020 COVID-19 Preparedness Seminar (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2020 Government Security Seminar (Male, Maldives)
2020 AIPC Academy (Brussels, Belgium)
2019 AIPC Operations Summit (Barcelona, Spain)
2019 SVOB Public Spaces Security Congress (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
2019 AIPC Global Annual Conference (Antwerp, Belgium)
2019 Everbridge C-Suite Crisis Management Webinar (Europe, Middle East & Africa)
2019 ASIS International European Conference (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
2019 Everbridge Elevate CSO Roundtable (Woerden, The Netherlands)
2019 ASIS International Asia Conference (Tokyo, Japan)
2019 Defense Department Awareness Program (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2019 AGRI Crisis Management Seminar (Avegoor, The Netherlands)
2018 AIPC Global Operations Summit (Barcelona, Spain)
2018 Red Cross Preparedness Seminar (Vught, The Netherlands)
2018 ASIS International European Conference (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
2018 Government Crisis Management Seminar (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2018 Van der Valk Hotels Managers Symposium (Amersfoort, The Netherlands)
2018 ICF Meeting on Crisis Management (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2017 ASIS International CT Seminar (Athens, Greece)
2017 UNICEF Crisis Management Seminar (Copenhagen, Denmark)
2017 Royal Military Police Aviation Security Seminar (Schiphol, The Netherlands)
2017 FEFANA European Crisis Management Conference (Brussels, Belgium)
2017 Ministry of Defense DMO Security Awareness Day (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
2017 DHL Express EU Security Conference (Leipzig, Germany)
2017 United Nations DP Security Office (Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt)
2017 CATS Asymmetric Threats Symposium (‘t Harde, The Netherlands)
2017 Financieel Dagblad Young Circle Dinner (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
2016 Global Counter Terrorism Forum (Antalya, Turkey)
2016 Royal Military Academy (Breda, The Netherlands)
2016 ASIS International European Conference (London, UK)
2016 Royal Military Police CT Event (Apeldoorn, The Netherlands)
2016 ASIS International Global Security Webinar (Online WebEx)
2016 Crowd Care Event Risk Analysis Seminar (Amersfoort, The Netherlands)
2015 National Integrated Security Think Tank (NDIB) (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2015 IFSEC – NL Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) (London, UK)
2015 University of Utrecht Symposium Ad Informandum (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
2015 Data Privacy & Security Summit (Milwaukee, USA)
2015 ASIS International Nordic Conference (Helsinki, Finland)
2015 London First & US State Department OSAC (London, UK)
2015 European Commission CI Expert Group (TNCEIP) (Groningen, The Netherlands)
2015 National Conference on Security in Education (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2015 ASIS International European Conference (Frankfurt, Germany)
2014 European Energy Infrastructure Security Network (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2014 ASIS International Middle East Conference (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
2014 TMC Asser Institute for International Law – UN IAEA (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2014 ASIS International Europe Conference (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2014 Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2014 US State Department OSAC (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
2013 ASIS International Europe Conference & CEO Roundtable (Goteborg, Sweden)
2013 International Business Security Forum (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
2012 Gastech Oil & Gas International Security Forum (Vienna, Austria)
2012 Business Continuity Academy (Zeist, The Netherlands)
2012 ASIS International Europe Conference (London, UK)
2012 NFI – PinPoint CBRN Security Conference (The Hague, the Netherlands)
2012 European Corporate Security Conference (Limerick, Ireland)
2011 US/Europe-Russia ASIS Conference (Moscow, Russia)
2011 National EY Cyber Security Seminar (Brussels, Belgium)
2011 International Banking Security Association (Helsinki, Finland)
2011 SASMA Polish Business Security Conference (Warsaw, Poland)
2011 Safety and Security Amsterdam (SSA) (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
2011 Czech International Security Conference (Prague, Czech Republic)
2011 EY-TNO-G4S Security & Crisis Forum (Wassenaar, The Netherlands)
2010 UN Interregional Crime Justice Research Center (UNICRI) (Lisbon, Portugal)
2010 European Patent Office (EPO) (The Hague, the Netherlands)
2010 EY Borderless Global Information Security Seminar (Brussels, Belgium)
2010 European Parliament Expert Group (Brussels, Belgium)
2010 ASIS International Europe Conference (Vienna, Austria)
2010 European Business Congress (EBC) (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
2009 Counter-Terrorism Agency CEO Roundtable (NCTV) (Zeist, The Netherlands)
2009 Global Initiative to Counter Nuclear Terrorism (GICNT) (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2009 Critical Infrastructure Protection Office (NAVI) (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2009 UN Interregional Crime Justice Research Center (UNICRI) (Tromso, Norway)
2009 Rathenau Institute – NCTV – Security Seminar (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2009 US State Department OSAC (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2008 Ex-Police In Industry and Commerce (EPIC) (North Yorkshire, UK)
2008 US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) (Washington, DC USA)
2008 EU Energy Infrastructure Security Network (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
2007 United Nations Development Program (UNDP) (New York, USA)
2007 ASIS International Europe Conference (Barcelona, Spain)
2007 National Crisis Control Center (NCC) (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2007 ASIS International Global Conference (Las Vegas, USA)
2007 International Ernst & Young Shipping Forum (Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2007 International Security and National Resilience Conference (ISNR) (London, UK)
2007 Study Center for Commerce & Government (Nieuwegein, The Netherlands)
2006 Netherlands Royal Military Academy (KMA) (Breda, The Netherlands)
2006 Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) (Washington, DC USA)
2006 European Corporate Security Association (ECSA) (Knokke, Belgium)
2006 Rotterdam Port Promotion Council (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
2006 National Security Conference on Terrorism (Soestduinen, the Netherlands)
2006 ASIS International Global Conference (San Diego, USA)
2006 Young Presidents Organization (YPO) (The Hague, the Netherlands)
2005 ASIS Europe Conference (Copenhagen, Denmark)
2005 EU Diplomatic Security Conference (Brussels, Belgium)
2005 Clingendael Institute for International Relations (The Hague, The Netherlands
2005 International Assoc of Financial Crimes Investigators (Glasgow, Scotland)
2005 UN International Court for the Former Yugoslavia (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2005 International Banking Security Association (IBSA) (Glasgow, Scotland)
2005 NL Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2005 International Criminal Court (ICC) (Rijswijk, The Netherlands)
2005 Ex-Police In Industry and Commerce (EPIC) (Cambridge, UK)
2004 Europol (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2004 European Business Security Association (EBSA) (Munich, Germany)
2004 Eurojust (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2004 Netherlands Ministry of Defense (The Hague, the Netherlands)
2004 ASIS International (Brasschaet, Belgium)
2004 US Energy Security Council (ESC) (Dallas, USA)
2004 EY Government Congress (Scheveningen, The Netherlands)
2004 French Ministry of Defense (Paris, France)
2004 ASIS International (Madrid, Spain)
2004 Netherlands Association of Security Managers (VBN) (The Hague, The Netherlands)
2004 InterSec Conference and Exhibition (London, UK)
2004 US State Department INR – OSAC Terrorism Trends Meeting (Washington, DC, USA)
2004 United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) (Geneva, Switzerland)
2004 National Pharma Security Meeting (Atlantic City, USA)
2004 National Security Solutions and Exhibits Seminar (Chicago, USA)
2003 Delphi International Security Conference (Detroit, USA)
2003 International Police-Military SWAT/Special Forces Symposium (Gaithersburg, USA)
2002 US Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Security Network (Philadelphia, USA)
2002 US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (St. Louis, USA)
2002 US Council for Emerging National Security Affairs (CENSA) (Washington, DC, USA)
2001 International Police-Military SWAT/Special Forces Symposium (Baltimore, USA)

B@C believes in giving back and making things better. Via the WCOSP we are an active donor to the Security Benevolent Fund.